The Rohingya Have Suffered Decades of Violence, Discrimination, and Persecution

The world's largest refugee camp is located in the Cox Bazar region in Bangladesh.

Dear Friends,

Our founder is always moving forward -and now Fred will be departing for his third mission trip this year.  He will be going again to India and then to Nepal and Bangladesh with important support, resources and teachings  for the Myanmar Rohingya refugees being held in refugee camps with declining conditions. He will also be involved with many significant meetings in India and Nepal.

Friends, the need is great and we have received a timely  gift from an anonymous donor to help with this mission trip. The gift comes with a challenge. The donor has pledged to match every dollar donated up to $10,000. WOW! How generous to double the impact of every donation! Raising $20,000 for this important 6-week trip would have an amazing impact. Would you please consider making a gift designated for Fred’s trip - to help show the refugees the Hope in Jesus Christ.

If you cannot give, please PRAY for safety as the north of India has seen increased persecutions of Christians and that is where Fred begins this trip. Blessings to you all. Thanks in advance for your generosity. Also please share with others who will pray and help. 

To God Be the Glory.

Byron Whetstone, HIM Executive Director


Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

In August 2017, armed attacks, massive scale violence, and serious human rights violations forced thousands of Rohingya to flee their homes in Myanmar. Entire villages were burned to the ground and thousands of families were killed or separated. Many walked for days through jungles and undertook dangerous sea journeys across the Bay of Bengal to reach safety in Bangladesh. Now, more than 900,000 people have found safety in the Cox Bazar’s region of Bangladesh which is now home to the world’s largest refugee camp. More than half of them are women and children. The United Nations has described the Rohingya as “the most persecuted minority in the world.”

Please accept the challenge

to help those that are suffering!


Despite living in Myanmar for many generations, the Rohingya are not recognized as an official ethnic group and have been denied citizenship since 1982, making them the world's largest stateless population. As a stateless population, Rohingya families are denied basic rights and protection and are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, sexual violence, and abuse.

We need your help to purchase the most urgent daily necessities. May the Lord bless you for supporting the suffering. Your giving will provide comfort, encouragement, and restoration.


The Rohingya children in the literacy center supported by HIM.

Delivering basic food supplies to prevent malnutrition.


Giving Back is at

the Heart of the Community

Together, we will provide humanitarian relief around the world to save lives and relieve suffering. Our funding focuses on Education, Mission/Church Planting, Livelihood, and Disaster Relief.

Disaster Relief – Support helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of others during times of crisis. It is one of our most immediate priorities.

Education Programs Support will help schools and orphanages across the globe. It is vital to building better communities. 

Mission/Church Planting – Support for Mission and Church planting helps advance the Gospel in the unreached and impoverished nations around the world.

Livelihood – Support for livelihoods will help start businesses that support ministries, families, and the needs of the global community.


We truly appreciate your dedication, faithfulness and commitment to our ministry. Thank you for your continued Love and Prayers.

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