Fred Kornis

The real story of the authentic,
Unorthodox International mission of Frederick Vance Kornis Jr (KORNISCHKA)


Mission/Church Planning

Our efforts to send relief to those in undeveloped or underserved areas of the world are countless.

We are determined to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others during times of crisis. Many items such as medical, dental, and hygiene supplies, clothes, and food have been distributed. Disasters like typhoons and glacier flooding have destroyed many villages and killed hundreds of people. We are helping them rebuild. During the global pandemic our work has been essential in the small villages where it has devastated those living in remote areas. The children, the poor and the sick need food and supplies. Our partners are helping when Christian’s face discrimination and do not receive help from their government. In many countries, Christians live in daily fear of being killed. We help our mission partners with rebuilding houses and sending supplies. Emergency aid is sent to help refugees that have fled Afghanistan and the Rohingya refugees that fled Myanmar because of violent ethnic cleansing. It’s critical that we provide immediate and practical relief to create a humanitarian impact around the world.